S8110 Bus & Coach navigation with DVB-TV

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Easier navigation for professional bus or coach drivers.

  • 7” LCD navigation screen

  • Built-in DVB T2 TV

  • Free lifetime map updates

  • Bluetooth handsfree technology

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    Full Description


    The Snooper S8110 Bus & Coach Navigation is the most comprehensive bus and coach sat nav available, providing drivers with safe and efficient routes. Working with industry experts and feedback from hundreds of professional bus and coach drivers, the device boasts features to help make driving safer and easier. 

    Features include free lifetime map updates, traffic management content, Bluetooth connectivity a three-watt audio speaker and DVB-T2 digital freeview television.  

    What’s in the box?

    Snooper S8110 sat nav device

    In-vehicle power supply

    TMC antenna

    Windscreen bracket

    Dash mount disc

    Hard carry case

    AV input cable

    USB cable




    Avoid hazards
    By entering the weight and height of your vehicle, the S8110 will calculate routes that avoid narrow roads, tight bends, low bridges and other hazards, allowing you to make a stress-free, safe journey.

    Create your own routes
    Routes are created by searching roads, points of interest and postcodes. Create a bespoke route with up to 16 destinations and search for points of interest on your route.

    Route simulation
    For drivers who like to plan ahead, the S8110 allows you to run a simulation of your route before you travel. Enter your destination, press simulation and the device will run through your route on screen, making it easy to add stopovers to your journey.

    FM transmitter
    Receive audio instructions through your vehicle’s speakers with the built-in FM transmitter.

    Large 7” LCD touch screen
    The large LCD display provides clear and easy navigation, while the improved screen resolution allows drivers to quickly see the approaching junction or lane guidance display.

    Junction and lane view
    Receive instructions on how to navigate a junction via specific lanes well in advance.

    Speed limit monitoring
    The built-in My Speed software provides drivers with the speed limits of virtually every road across the UK and Europe. Choose between speed limits for cars and advisory speed limits for buses and coaches. You can also set up alerts to notify you of accidentally exceeding the speed limit.

    Compatible with Tyre Pilot
    The S8110 is compatible with tyre pressure monitoring systems from Tyre Pilot, allowing you to monitor the pressure and temperature of your vehicle’s tyres.

    Compatible with reversing cameras
    The sat nav can be linked up to a reversing camera to help with reversing in difficult situations.

    Route timer
    Set an alarm to let you know when you’re reaching the maximum driving time you’re allowed to be on the road.

    More than 2 million points of interest
    Points of interest specific to buses and coaches, including coach parks and petrol stations for larger vehicles, can easily be searched through your S8110.

    This unit has been designed to provide safe and efficient routing but it not a substitute for driving with due care and attention. The driver is responsible for paying full attention to road signs, road conditions and the proper operation of the vehicle at all times. Always defer to all posted road signs and road conditions.




    Snooper S8110 Bus & Coach Navigation






    181mm x 109mm x 20mm


    7” TFT

    Display colours

    24-bit true colour


    800 x 480

    Screen dimension

    156mm x 87mm


    Built-in Rechargeable Li Battery 1800mAh


    3 Watt



    Memory ROM

    4GB Nand Flash

    Memory RAM

    512MB SDRAM

    Memory card

    Up to 32GB

    Operating system

    WinCE 6.0 Core Edition


    SiRF Atlas VI processor 800mHz

    CPU speed