Tyre Pilot STP1800 Bluetooth TPMS

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Protect yourself and your passengers with ‘Tyre Pilot’ from Snooper, a simple to install, incredibly accurate, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Tyre Pilot STP1800 is a bluetooth tyre pressure monitoring interface compatible with your Snooper S6800, SC5800 DVR Sat nav, plus Tyre Pilot app and created specifically for larger vehicles including HGV's, Motorhomes, Coaches, Buses and all-terrain vehicles.

Full Description


Tyre defects contribute to over 3% of all motorway accidents and are the most common form of fault directly contributing to an accident. Protect yourself and your passengers with ‘Tyre Pilot’ from Snooper, a simple to install, accurate, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Tyre Pilot Bluetooth Pressure Display

*S6800, SC5800 DVR Sat Nav not included. Tyre Pilot link up through a Sat Nav is only available with a Snooper S6800 and SC5800 DVR Satellite Navigation device.

Economic and Tyre Safety Benefits.
Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are becoming more and more popular due to the economic and safety benefits they provide. Knowing the pressure of your vehicle’s tyres will save you money and reduce the chances of a blow-out or puncture.  With a choice of two monitoring systems, a standalone unit or Bluetooth device connecting directly to your Snooper Sat Nav, ‘Tyre Pilot’ from Snooper will allow every driver to benefit from tyre pressure monitoring.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) provides three main advantages.

Reduced fuel consumption.
Improving tyre life and wear.
Increased vehicle safety.

Save Money and the Environment with Tyre Pilot.
Over recent years the cost of fuel has risen dramatically and driving your vehicle, even for short distances has become an expensive chore. By ensuring your tyres are fully inflated, Tyre Pilot can reduce your fuel bill by as much as 10%, saving you money whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

Improving Tyre Life and Wear.
Tyre Pilot will quickly prove invaluable to any driver. Use Tyre Pilot to monitor and check that your vehicles tyres are correctly inflated, naturally extending their lifespan. Correctly inflated tyres can increase the life of your tyre tread by as much as 35%, saving you money and time with less visits to your local tyre centre.

Increased Road Safety.
Tyres are the most common form of vehicle fault directly contributing to an accident. Correctly inflated tyres will provide greater stability, better handling and consistent braking for drivers, significantly improving safety. Tyres that are under-inflated are increasingly prone to skidding under braking and in wet conditions hydroplane more easily. Keep your tyre pressures monitored with Tyre Pilot and reduce the potential for accidents.

Choice of Options.
Tyre Pilot from Snooper is available in two options, a standalone device which can be easily displayed using the windscreen bracket provided (STP116 or STP188) or a bluetooth transmitter displaying tyre pressure data directly through your Snooper S6800, SC5800 DVR or Tyre pilot app. (STP1800 is a Bluetooth Device).

Tyre Pilot STP1800.
This device is a bluetooth transmitter device, measuring pressures up to PSI 188. Tyre pressures are displayed through an external PND device (not included) or a Snooper Sat Nav (Currently S6800 only) for ease of use and instant alerts. The device comes with 4 tyre pressure sensors as standard, but you can upgrade for extra sensors.

N.B. This device is only compatible with a Snooper S6800, SC5800 DVR or Tyre Pilot Android app.

Tyre Pilot Android App.
Tyre pressure monitoring can now be displayed through your smartphone, with the Tyre Pilot App. Simply sync via Bluetooth your STP1800 sensors to your smartphone through the app and instantly receive notification or pressure drops or temperatures rises whilst driving.

Android App download here

PSI 116 or 188 monitoring?
Depending on the type of vehicle driven, Tyre Pilot comes with a maximum monitoring PSI of 116 or 188. PSI 116 is recommended for cars, caravans and light commercial vehicles, PSI 188 is for larger or heavy duty vehicles including Motorhomes, Coaches, Buses, HGV and All Terrain vehicles. Please check your tyre maximum PSI to ensure the correct purchase. The PSI can be found either on the side wall of your tyre or on the model information panel.



Easy to Fit Installation.
Tyre Pilot has been designed to easily fit almost any tyre pressure valve stem. Simply, fix the Tyre Pilot TMPS to your tyre pressure valve stem, install the bluetooth transmitter and pair up to your Snooper Sat Nav.

Tyre Pilot STP188 Fitted To Truck Tyre Valve

Hard Wearing Tyre Pressure Sensors.
Tyre Pilot sensors are rigorously tested to ensure they work seamlessly in any weather conditions.

Alert Patterns.
Once your vehicle is in motion, Tyre Pilot sensors will send and receive tyre pressure data every 5 minutes to your device. Keep a check on any pressure drops increasing your driving safety.

Tyre Temperature Display.
As well as displaying the pressure of your vehicles tyres, Tyre Pilot can also display the temperature, alerting you quickly to any rises that can indicate potential tyre failure.

Monitor and Tyre Sensor Sleep Mode.
If your vehicle does not move for 10 minutes, Tyre Pilot will enter sleep mode to save battery life and power. Once your vehicle moves again, your monitor will automatically switch to standby mode.

Pressure Sensor Configuration.
Tyre Pilot has been designed to monitor the following configurations:-

Single vehicle up to 4 wheels
Single vehicle up to 4 wheels + spare wheel
Single vehicle up to 4 wheels + trailer up to 12 wheels
Single vehicle up to 10 wheels
Single vehicle up to 10 wheels + spare tyre
Single vehicle up to 10 wheels + trailer up to 12 wheels
Trailer up to 12 wheels.



What's Included?
Bluetooth Transmitter
Installation Cables
Minimum 4 Sensors PSI188 (Maximum 16 Sensors)
Sensor Installation Tool
Sensor Waterproof Rubber Seal

Sensor STP188 (0-188PSI) :
Operational Temperature -40°C~+80°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Pressure Range 0-13Bar, 0-188PSI
Pressure Accuracy ±1.5PSI (0.1Bar)
Temperature Accuracy ±3°C
Transmission Power <10dBm
Frequency 433.92MHz
Battery Life 1~2years (CR1632)
Weight 19 grams
Size without anti theft housing 
Diameter 21mm 
Height 21mm
Size with anti theft housing 
Diameter 28mm 
Height 24mm

Tyre Pilot Tyre Pressure Sensors

Brand Information


Launched in 2014, Tyre Pilot is Snooper’s range of specialist tyre pressure monitoring systems and the result of many months of research, development and consultation with industry experts. An integral part of Snooper’s range of vehicle safety aftermarket electronics, Tyre Pilot has a range of devices suited to any vehicle.

Tyre pressure management is key for any driver regardless of the vehicle driven. From a compact Smart car to a large multi-wheeled HGV, correctly inflated tyres will provide drivers with numerous benefits and increased safety. Tyre issues contribute to more than three percent of all vehicle accidents that take place on a motorway, so ensuring your vehicle has the correct tyre pressure can reduce the chances of an accident.

How can Tyre Pilot help?
Correctly inflated tyres can lead to the following benefits:-

  • Improved vehicle stability.
  • Lowers fuel consumption.
  • Extends tyre life.

From the Tyre Pilot STP1400 that monitors up to 87 PSI to the STP1800 which is designed for larger vehicles including trucks, coaches and all-terrain vehicles and can be linked to a Snooper sat nav or downloadable app, the Tyre Pilot range will suit any vehicle or driver requirements.